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24th April 2014

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This style brought to you by Minnesota spring.

Thankfully the rain had stopped and it was just sprinkling when I headed over to finally meet up with kickinupthepace for our third try at running in as many weeks.  We finally succeeded despite the less than ideal weather.

In the end I was chilled and wet.  The rain would have been awesome had it been about 30-40 degrees warmer outside.  I love running in the rain when it is warm.  This was tolerable at best.

The run was pretty good and was 33% longer than all of my mileage last week.  My leg felt good.  I had maybe two “feelings” in it, which was less than all of the “feelings” I had in other parts of my body.

I’ll continue my one day run, one day not run, progression here tomorrow with another ride and then the Chippewa Moraine 10k on Saturday.  I’m bummed to not be doing the 50k, but I just keep telling myself that this is the smart thing to do.  No need to be a hero this spring at the expense of the whole summer.

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23rd April 2014

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Just a short 40 minute session on the rollers indoors tonight.  At 5 minutes I hopped off the bike for a second to turn the volume up on the TV so I could hear the Scandinavian commentator on the ski race I was watching and turn the fan on.  Obviously I picked up the pace after the warm-up.
Nothing special.  Just riding.

Just a short 40 minute session on the rollers indoors tonight.  At 5 minutes I hopped off the bike for a second to turn the volume up on the TV so I could hear the Scandinavian commentator on the ski race I was watching and turn the fan on.  Obviously I picked up the pace after the warm-up.

Nothing special.  Just riding.

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22nd April 2014

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I took another spin on my bike this evening.  I think it will be the last time I venture into the woods for about a month.  I’m pretty sure I had a couple of very pissed off turkey hunters.  I didn’t see them until I was riding past a second time and noticed the decoys… and then the two fully camoflauged, armed people leaning against the tree, all of maybe 30-40 feet away from me.  Needless to say I got out of there as fast as I could.

I think the state forest and wildlife management areas are probably still fine to be in, I just need to stay on the well established roads and off the less traveled roads and definitely off of the trails.  It is public property, but that doesn’t mean I should be stupid about it.  I’ll definitely feel better when I get my orange bike kit soon too.

Other than the near death experience it was a fun ride.  It was in the Sand Dunes State Forest again where I rode about a month ago on what was then a snowmobile trail.  I rode some of the same trails and some new ones.  It is a really neat place and there were quite a few other trails and roads to explore (once the risk of being shot goes down).

The road is a big wide gravel road.  The trails were sometimes sandy, sometimes muddy, and sometimes very muddy.  Some of the trails are intended to be hiking and horseback trails.  The horses tear the trails to shreds.

There was also some logging going on.  That did more damage than the horses.

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22nd April 2014

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After just collapsing in bed last night and falling straight asleep hard I woke up all on my own this morning.  Thank you bladder.

Feeling surprisingly awake, I took care of the laundry I was supposed to switch before bed, had some coffee, and checked my Tumblr feed.  Then I decided I should go for a run.

I’m still extremely cautious about my leg and this was the first run on pavement so I just took it easy and kept it short.  I had faint “feelings” in my leg, but nothing I probably would have noticed if I wasn’t hyper sensitive to anything going on now.

I’m hoping to go for a nice bike ride tonight.

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21st April 2014

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As promised, here is a little write-up on my bike ride from yesterday.

As I was checking out the DNR maps for Carlos Avery closer to my house I read that they had 46 miles of roads and 20 some miles of trails.  Despite living within 15 miles of there for most of my life I didn’t realize how accessible it was for a run or ride.

I mapped out a nice 20 mile loop and figured I would do some additional exploring of some interesting looking side trails/roads I could see in the satellite images.

It was absolutely gorgeous out with a temp near 70, sunny, with very little wind.  I rode all over the area.  It ended up being 0.6 miles on pavement, 3.4 miles of trail, and 26 miles of gravel.  I was pretty spent and sunburned by the time I finished.  Heading in I thought I should put on sunscreen and grab more food and did neither.

The roads wind through mostly wetlands with a little mix of some woods.  I saw lots of ducks, geese, swans, herons, and cranes.  Unexpectedly I also saw quite a few cars out there.  I figured I was going to have the place to myself but there were maybe 2 dozen cars out driving around and checking out the birds.

I also came across a set of turkey decoys and a blind.  I promptly turned around and headed the way I came.  Getting shot is less fun.  I felt I would have been better served had my “Alternate Orange" kit arrived at the bike shop.

I’ve got a ways to go before I’m ready for the Almanzo 100 mile gravel ride in less than a month.

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20th April 2014

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After a big bike ride around midday that I’ll post about tomorrow, RBN1 and I went for a short ride, muddy trail run, short ride duathlon tonight.

We are a couple of dirty trail runners.


After a big bike ride around midday that I’ll post about tomorrow, RBN1 and I went for a short ride, muddy trail run, short ride duathlon tonight.

We are a couple of dirty trail runners.


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18th April 2014

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Afternoon Adventure Duathlon

I finally got the right width rim tape and put new rim tape on both of my mountain bike tires.  Rim tape covers the spoke holes so when you inflate the inner tube it does not squirt into those holes and pop.  When I switched over to my gravel tires earlier in the week I inflated them, went and changed, only to come back out and find my front tire completely flat because I had a spoke hole blowout.

Anyhow, I decided to put the clip pedals on my bike so I could ride in my running shoes, go ride the gravel roads and then go for a quick run in the middle on the non-paved surface to check out how my leg is doing.

The gravel riding was fun, and then I decided to check out what looked like it might be a trail in the Carlos Avery WMA near me.  I am so glad I did, because it was awesome.  I threw my bike lock on my bike (probably didn’t need it, but it made me feel better anyhow) and took off slopping through the shin deep snow.  The good news is that other than a faint dull ache for the first couple of minutes, I felt no pain in my leg on this 1.5 mile trek through the snowy/slushy forest.  I ended up at the dam I had seen on the map when poking around last week.  It is pretty cool.  I can’t wait to take RBN1 back out here and stomp around in the slightly less snowy woods.

After the mid-ride run, I hopped back on my bike and hustled home to get ready and head over to CyclovaXC for my GPS presentation.  The turnout was decent and I had a good time.

Tomorrow?  Biking with RBN1 in the rain?

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17th April 2014

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Check out my leg.  So the PAC at the ortho clinic isn’t convinved I have a tibial stress fracture.  She recommended an xray to look for some sort of indication in the something or other that covers the bone.  I didn’t think xrays were particularly good at detecting sfx anyhow.  She also poked and probed.  In the end she said it could be the early stages of a stress reaction and I should probably cut back a bit, like half my mileage.  Half is a long ways from zero.

Despite that, I think I’ll keep the running to a minimum for a while yet until the discomfort subsides.  I think I’ll also be moving down to the 10k next weekend instead of the 50k.  I’m much more interested in a good summer of training and killing the Birkie trail marathon than this 50k I signed up for on a whim.  Instead I rode the bike on the rollers in the basement for an hour last night.  I watched Salsa Cycles short film Racing the Sun about the Dirty Kanza and then I continued watching the last of the Swix Classics ski races.

Skiing can still be on my brain given the crazy weather.  My deck was clear again from snow… now there is 13+ inches again.  Seriously.  WTF?  I’m also having deja vu as it relates to the Mammoth Gravel Classic which is supposed to be on Saturday.  Here is what happened last year…  POSTOPONED.  Kinda looking like the same may happen again.

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16th April 2014

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I Just Wanna Run

I’m going to get my leg checked out after work today.  It feels better, but only if I’m not aggravating it.  I haven’t run since Friday and it was feeling good yesterday until I tried to jog across the parking lot last evening.  Then I got pain again.  I’m really hoping it isn’t a stress fracture.  I should know more this evening hopefully.

I have also been a bum the last two days not even getting a bike ride in.  This is partially because I am just run down since the weekend outside and not sleeping well.  I feel better today and maybe I’ll be able to throw the bike on the rollers tonight.  I feel like a slug.

Saturday is the Mammoth Gravel Classic.  I was considering skipping it all together given my attitude lately, but I’m thinking I should suck it up and see how much of the 70 I can accomplish before having to head to Easter dinner.  A 4+ hour ride would make up for two days off so far this week.

Wish me luck.

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13th April 2014

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My leg hurts a bit.  I’ve been looking at tibial stress fracture symptoms online.  I’m a bit concerned.

I have to take the klutzy kid to the ortho this week to get his wrist checked out.  I think I might make a double appointment and have my leg checked out at the same time.

Until then, no more running.  Just worrying.

This weekend was scout camp for my boys so I spent all day outside yesterday standing and getting cold.  Couple that with insufficient sleep and doing my taxes today (I knew roughly how much I owed which is why I waited until almost the last minute) and I’m a little less easy going than usual.

Tonight I put the gravel tires on my mountain bike.  In the process the bike pump bit my finger and gave me a sweet blood blister.

After I finally got everything all set-up again, and cleaned and lubed my rear derailleur cable I went in and got changed.  When I got back out, one of the tiers was flat.

The rim tape is coming loose and the inner tube burst.  After futzing with it for a while I decided I wasn’t going to be able to trust the rim tape to not slip and leave me walking back to my house in bike shoes so I got out my road bike.

Which needed the rear tube changed.  And the saddle bag moved over.  And the frame pump moved over.

Finally, almost an hour and a half after I started to get ready to ride I left.  And rode into a 30-something degree hurricane.  Blech.  20 miles of windy nastiness, but a ride done.

Today could have been better.

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